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proteinannotationbegintext"123"xsd:intIn allele A*02:10 and allele A*02:17."140"xsd:intIn allele Cw*01:03."33"xsd:intIn allele A*25:03."76"xsd:intIn allele DRB1*16:09 and allele DRB1*16:10."76"xsd:intIn allele DRB1*14:17, allele DRB1*14:21, allele DRB1*14:30, allele DRB1*14:33, allele DRB1*14:35, allele DRB1*14:42, allele DRB1*14:53, allele DRB1*14:64, allele DRB1*14:65 and allele DRB1*14:72."2071"xsd:intIn STGD1."658"xsd:intIn MPS3B."650"xsd:intIn RSTS1."1503"xsd:intIn RSTS1."339"xsd:intIn TZCCR5-181A and MWCCR5-107."1021"xsd:intIn AHUS1."125"xsd:intNo effect on U-44069 and 9,11-diazo-prostadienoic acid (U-51605) hydroxylation; loss of 20:4n-6 or 22:5n-6 oxidation."479"xsd:intIn CPT2D."670"xsd:intFound in a patient with hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy; unknown pathological significance."397"xsd:intIn a primary colorectal cancer."458"xsd:intIn CRCS12."48"xsd:intIn allele DQA1*02:01, allele DQA1*01:03, allele DQA1*06:01 and allele DQA1*06:02."55"xsd:intIn allele DRB3*01:09, allele DRB3*02:01, allele DRB3*02:02, allele DRB3*02:03, allele DRB3*02:04, allele DRB3*02:05, allele DRB3*02:06, allele DRB3*02:07, allele DRB3*02:08, allele DRB3*02:09, allele DRB3*02:10, allele DRB3*02:11, allele DRB3*02:12, allele DRB3*02:14, allele DRB3*02:15, allele DRB3*02:16, allele DRB3*02:17, allele DRB3*02:18, allele DRB3*02:19, allele DRB3*02:20, allele DRB3*02:21, allele DRB3*02:22, allele DRB3*02:23, allele DRB3*02:24, allele DRB3*02:25, allele DRB3*03:01, allele DRB3*03:02 and allele DRB3*03:03."41"xsd:intIn allele DQB1*04:01, allele DQB1*04:02, allele DQB1*04:03, allele DQB1*06:02, allele DQB1*06:10, allele DQB1*06:13, allele DQB1*06:14, allele DQB1*06:15, allele DQB1*06:16, allele DQB1*06:19, allele DQB1*06:20, allele DQB1*06:22, allele DQB1*06:23, allele DQB1*06:24, allele DQB1*06:29, allele DQB1*06:33 and allele DQB1*06:37."79"xsd:intIn allele DQB1*02:01, allele DQB1*02:02, allele DQB1*02:03, allele DQB1*02:04 and allele DQB1*02:05."1112"xsd:intIn AGS6."129"xsd:intIn MFDA."1173"xsd:intIn a breast cancer sample; somatic mutation."371"xsd:intIn GACI1; unknown pathological significance."641"xsd:intFound in a patient with follicular lymphoma; also in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; somatic mutation; changed substrate preferences; prefers substrates with greater methylation H3K27me0<me1<me2.